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Apparently, I'm the Infamous Earl's Legendary Bride
Coming in September

Apparent I'm the Earl's Legendary Bride
My Lady Saves the Citizens

Join Quinn and her warrior husband Aldric in a world full of magic and monsters as they go through the trials and tribulations of life and build their very own kingdom.


Quinn Chen has her life planned out after university graduation—working in one of the biggest medical research companies and then maybe dating again after a bad breakup. The only problem is on the day of her graduation, she is hit by a truck and wakes up to find herself as eighteen-year-old Quinn Fairchild in a war-torn medieval-like fantastical world full of magic and monsters and is forced to become a bride to an infamous, ruthless, cold-blooded warrior of an earl.


Sweep not only into the isolated, strangely beautiful, lush land of Norsewood, but the powerful arms of the piercing blue-eye Lord Aldric Templeton, Quinn—armed with blessings—must navigate her way through poverty-stricken, dangerous medieval life with a modern mindset and maybe even teaches her golden-hair gorgeous husband, who is both kind and gentle and nothing like the merciless character that rumors imply, that having a girl from another world as a bride isn’t so bad after all.


Apparently, I’m the Infamous Earl’s Legendary Bride is a romantic fantasy series featuring a beautiful heroine with a determination to change and improve the lives of civilians in a medieval-like, war-torn world with the use of her modern knowledge and a hunky hero hell-bent on protecting his land and people and claiming his bride’s love.


This series contains a heroine with a knack for wearing boys’ clothing, magic, kingdom building, and cooking. Oh, and enough steam to fog up the other world’s medieval-era glass window in later books as the story progresses.


Note: A kingdom-building series involves the protagonist/s working on building their own town, city, nation, or even empire.


Note also that this series focuses on both the kingdom-building and the romance aspects. The romantic relationship between Quinn and Aldric is sweet, and each is very supportive of the other since they are going through a lot of trails and tribulations in their lives.

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