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Coming Soon

Below is the list of books I'm currently working on. I can't guarantee the exact release date as I'm notoriously bad at schedules and deadlines. They give me anxiety and this affects my creativity. I tend to stick to writing freely and slowly to allow my creative juice to flow naturally, which takes time. I want to write the type of books I want to read (and hopefully yours, too), not what's on the hot trend right now, so you'll see my books are kind of different and they will never be on the hot list anywhere. I know my taste is in the minority in terms of the book market, but that's just me and I can't change who I am and what I like.

I hope you understand my process and won't mind too much that I take longer to release a book. Stick around and stay tuned for updates by signing up to my mailing lists (romance, fantasy & PNR, and BL(MM).

HERE to sign up to one or all of the lists.

Note that I have more books in the pipeline, but I don't have the covers for them yet. I will put them up here once I have them done.

Books to write but still needing covers (or at least a sample cover):

Contemporary Romance
The Princeton Brothers Series

Vegas Billionaires (Scott as well as Eric's stories)

Fantasy & PNR

The Nine Kingdoms (the rest of Cecelia and Drake's story and more). Note the first book of A Demon's Wrath will be back up with a new cover once books 2 and 3 are done.

The Seven Demon Lords (the rest of Alfie and the seven demon lords story)

Apparently, I'm the Infamous Earl's Legendary Bride (the rest of the books in the series)


Tales of Beastkin (the rest of Adam and Shiro and the clans' story)

Shrine Maiden (the last book of Haru's love story)

Wild Wicked Gentlemen Series

The Crimson Mage and the Dark Necromancer Book 2 (A Shade of Dark Magic)

Secret/Side Projects

The Alpha Billionaires and I (Very Steamy Omegaverse Billionaire Menage Romance)

The Villainess Change the Story (Very Steamy Villainess Billionaire Menage Romance)

Savage Princes (Very, very Steamy Fantasy BL Harem Romance with dubcon)

The Blood Alchemist Militia (Gaslamp BL Paranormal Fantasy)

Romance and Fantasy/PNR


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