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Immortal Love

Immortal Love

Fantasy BL/MM Romance

Was previously published as The Crimson Mage and the Dark Necromancer

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Crimson Bonds
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Crimson Bonds
Immortal Love Book 1
(Previous published as The Crimson Mage and the Dark Necromancer)
Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited

He saved me from death and became my everything—Alastair Reinhardt, my enigmatic mentor, my deepest desire.


With his crimson hair and piercing gaze, Alastair is an enigma—a powerful mage cloaked in mystery. He took me under his wing and trained me in the ways of magic, but little did I know the dark secrets lurking beneath the surface of our bond.


As my feelings deepened, I found myself consumed by a love that both thrills and terrifies me. His touch ignites my skin, his eyes undress my soul, awakening a longing I never knew existed.


But our budding romance is overshadowed by the sinister forces gathering on the horizon. Kidnapped boys, demonic spirits, a woman with a strange obsession—all seem to point to an ancient evil awakening, with me at its center.


Alastair is my anchor in the storm, even as he battles his own inner demons. Together, we must unravel the twisted threads of fate that bind us and face the darkness that threatens to consume everything we hold dear.


In a world of magic and mystery, of desire and fated love, I am hopelessly entangled with Alastair, and I never want to be free.


Please note that Eternal Love: Crimson Bonds was previously published as The Crimson Mage and The Dark Necromancer.


Immortal Love Book 2
Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Release Date: To Be Announce

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