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Blog Post Update & SPARK - BL/MM Romance Teaser


Apology for the sporadic blog spot as of late. I'm behind on my writing and have more projects on the pipeline so I've been writing and will continue to concentrate on writing instead of posting blogs. Of course, I'll continue to post book teasers for new releases or upcoming books (and videos/episodes of my audiobooks that I published on YouTube when I have time). If you want to listen to the latest episodes, visit my channel HERE so you don't have to wait until I have a spare moment to post it as a blog.

As for the new serialization via blog posts on my website (Despicable Villainess), I’ve decided to stop that until further notice, as I’m too busy. I sincerely apologize for that. But rest assured that once the books are finished, you can get them from various eBook stores, and if you can’t, I will be turning them into audiobook and post the episodes for you to listen to on YouTube. ^^



I meant to write this bl/mm romance story for ages, but I just never had the time or a fully completed idea of the plot. I just know Andy and Matt’s story will get written one day. And now, here it is. Spark is the first instalment in Chained by Fate, part of the Vegas Billionaires Series. Andy is Mia’s younger brother and Matt is James’s best friend in Chained to You.

Since this BL/MM series will have a lot of smut, I'm putting it under a different name Zara Lee. I'm hoping to write more books under this name in the future. ^^

 I enjoyed writing Spark, and I hope this teaser is enticing enough for you to want to read the series. I hope you like the cover, too. I personally love it! The cover model is Matt Caine, the male lead in Chained by Fate.


(available on amazon kindle unlimited)


Vegas Billionaires Book 1

Chained by Fate: Spark

Zara Lee

(Alexia Praks)

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One debt. Two hearts. A fiery clash of wills. Can love blossom amidst the chains of fate?


Andy Donovan


If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that fate loves to play dirty. Look, I never asked to be a damsel in distress. Hell, I'm not even a damsel—just a guy with a knack for coding and a talent for finding trouble. But when you're drowning in debt and your business partner gambles away your last hope, you don't exactly have the luxury of choice.


Enter Matt Caine: six-foot-three of pure, unadulterated sin wrapped in a tailored suit. He's got more money than God and a proposition that would make the devil blush. Sure, he could crush me like a bug, but there's something in those stormy eyes that makes my heart race and my wit sharpen.


I should run. I should hide. But with my sister's future on the line and my own dreams hanging by a thread, I find myself drawn into his world of luxury and danger. It's a game of high stakes and higher temptation, and I'm not sure if I'm winning or losing. All I know is, I'm in way over my head, and the water's rising fast.


Matt Caine

Matt has always been a man who gets what he wants. Whether it's closing million-dollar deals or acquiring the latest addition to his empire, nothing is beyond his reach. But Andy is different. The young man with fiery spirit and quick wit has ignited something in Matt.


From the moment Andy crashes into his life, all defiance and desperate bravery, Matt knows he has to have him. It isn't just about the debt or the business opportunity; it's about possessing that untamed spirit, about feeling the heat of Andy's resistance melt into passion under his touch. But as Matt draws Andy deeper into his world of opulence and power, his quest to chain Andy to his side might just be the shackle that chains his own heart in the process.

Spark is the first instalment of Chained by Fate, part of the Vegas Billionaires Series. Chained by Fate is a steamy high-stakes forced proximity debt-to-love mm romance (bl, yaoi) featuring a spunky uke with a witty personality and fiery spirit and a hunky billionaire seme with a commanding presence and hidden depths of tenderness. Dive right in to enjoy the banter, the spark, and the steam!





I groaned and pushed myself off the couch. No point in dwelling on the past, especially when my present was enough of a disaster. A hot shower sounded like a good idea. Maybe the scalding water could wash away some of the stress clinging to me.

Steam filled the small bathroom, fogging up the mirror and turning the air heavy. Under the hot spray, I felt my muscles unwind bit by bit, the tension slowly ebbing away. Each rivulet trailing down my skin seemed to carry a fraction of the weight from my shoulders. I tilted my head back, allowing the water to sluice over my face, and took a deep, steadying breath. The world outside became a distant hum, my mind finally finding a moment of peace.

Of course, peace never lasted long in my life. A pounding on the door shattered the quiet, followed by Matt's unmistakable voice booming through my apartment.

"Andy! Open up!"

I swore under my breath and turned off the shower, water still dripping from my hair as I scrambled for a towel. Wrapping it around my waist, I hurried into the living room just in time to see Matt standing there like he owned the place—my door lying in splinters on the floor.

"What are you doing here? You just broke my fucking door down!" I snapped, anger flaring hot in my chest.

Matt's eyes languidly roamed over me, and I suddenly felt incredibly conscious of my state of undress. His gaze seemed to linger on every exposed inch of damp skin, stoking an unwanted heat low in my belly. Damn it, why did he have to look at me like that?

"Relax, sweetheart," he drawled, rich amusement coloring his tone. "I'll have Eddie replace the door. No need to get your panties in a twist."

I shot him a glare that could melt steel. "This Eddie better replace that goddamn door," I growl through gritted teeth, "or else."

"Or else what?" he rumbled, slowly stalking closer.

My breath caught in my throat as he closed the distance between us. I wanted to back away, to put space between us, but something kept me rooted in place, drawn inexplicably to the raw, primal energy radiating from him in waves.

"If you don't leave right now," I snapped, trying to ignore the way my body responded to his presence, "I'll call the police."

Matt laughed—a deep, rumbling sound that sent shivers down my spine despite myself.

"And what will you tell them? That you're hiding from your sugar daddy?"

Anger flared hot and bright inside me. Before I could retort, Matt grabbed my arm.

"What are you doing?" I demanded as he started toward what was left of my door.

"I don't like being disobeyed," Matt said calmly. "And since you seem to think running away is an option, I'm taking drastic measures."

My heart pounded as his words sank in. He meant business this time—no more playing nice.

I stumbled after him, my arm practically yanked out of its socket as he dragged me through the remnants of my apartment door. I tried to wrench free from his grip but found it impossible against his iron hold. The man was built like a brick shithouse—all solid muscle and unyielding strength. Struggling against him was about as effective as a fly batting at a windshield.

"Let me go, you Neanderthal!" I growled, digging my heels into the floor. It did precisely jack squat to slow Matt's determined stride.

My towel, barely clinging to my hips, decided to make a break for it. It slipped, and I scrambled to catch it before giving the whole damn building an eyeful of the full Donovan package.

"Hey, at least let me get some clothes on first!" I snapped, clutching the towel with one hand while Matt continued dragging me with the other.

Matt barreled ahead single-mindedly as he said, "No time for that, sweetheart. You can air out the goods in the car."

I sputtered indignantly, heat flooding my face. The nerve of this guy!

By the time we reached the sidewalk, I was a flustered, towel-clad mess. A hulking man held the door open of a sleek black sedan like some kind of silent invitation—or a trapdoor. Matt didn’t slow down. He all but tossed me inside like a sack of potatoes.

I landed in an ungraceful heap on the leather seat, the towel riding up dangerously high.

Scrambling to cover myself, I ended up in the corner with the terrycloth barely preserving my modesty—front covered but bare backside planted right on the upholstery.

Fantastic. Just fantastic.

Matt slid in next to me, his presence filling the small space with an oppressive heat. His eyes, dark and smoldering, roamed over me with undisguised interest. His gaze felt like a physical caress, setting my nerves alight in a mix of indignation and something much more unsettling.

"See something you like?" I quipped, arching a brow. Two could play at this game. "Or are you just enjoying the view?"

A low chuckle rumbled from Matt's chest. "Both."

My face burned hotter, but I refused to look away from his stare. "If you wanted eye candy, you should've stopped at a strip club instead of kidnapping me."

Matt's lips curved into a smug smile, his eyes glinting with undisguised amusement. "Now where's the fun in that?" He leaned in closer, invading my personal space in a way that should have me recoiling, but instead had my pulse kicking up a notch. "Why go to a strip club when I can have a private show?" His eyes roamed over me again, igniting a fire of anger deep within. "I prefer my entertainment a little more... interactive."

His words hung heavy between us, laden with blatant innuendo. Heat crept up the back of my neck as I fought the urge to squirm under his intense scrutiny. "Keep staring and you might go blind," I snapped, shifting uncomfortably on the leather seat.

Matt's gaze didn't waver, boldly raking over every exposed inch of skin. "I'll take my chances."

Indignation flared hot in my chest. "Would you quit undressing me with your eyes? It's getting really freaking old."

One dark brow arched in challenge. "I haven't even started, sweetheart."

I opened my mouth to fire back a scathing retort, but the words died on my tongue as Matt's fingertips grazed my bare thigh, tracing featherlight patterns along my skin. The contact was electric, sending a jolt of unwanted heat straight to my groin.

"Don't..." I started, but it came out more breathless than I intended.

"Don't what?" Matt rumbled, his touch drifting higher in a blatant tease. "This?"

I swallowed hard, trying and failing to dredge up some semblance of resolve as his fingers continued their torturous exploration. "Can you at least let me grab some clothes and essentials from my place? I'm not exactly planning on streaking through Vegas."

Matt's hand stilled, but didn't retreat. "My men will handle it," he said with an infuriatingly calm tone.

"There's no rush," I insisted, tamping down the sudden flare of panic. "I'm not going to run off."

One dark brow quirked upward. "Then why'd you leave in the first place?"

I huffed in exasperation. "Because it's your place," I muttered. "I'm not going to stay somewhere that has your stench all over it."

"And what's wrong with my place and my stench?" He leaned closer, his voice dropping to a seductive purr, his eyes glinted with mischief. "Or do you prefer a dingy dungeon-like cell? Is that your kink? If so, I'd gladly oblige."

My face flamed hot as his words conjured all sorts of unbidden images. "No, that's...

definitely not my thing," I managed, struggling to keep my composure. "It's just... you make me... uncomfortable." I hated how lame that sounded, but it was the truth.

Understanding flickered in Matt's eyes, quickly replaced by a knowing look that made my stomach twist. "You'll get used to it," he said nonchalantly. Turning his attention to the driver, he added, "Let's get going, Rudd."

The engine rumbled to life as the car pulled away from the curb. I sank back into the plush leather, my mind reeling as I tried to process everything that was happening. One thing was abundantly clear—Matt Caine wasn't going to make getting out of this easy. Not by a long shot.

I sat quietly, my skin prickling with the awareness of Matt's presence beside me. As the car navigated the neon-drenched streets, my heart sank when I recognized the familiar opulence of the Maxwell Hotel Resort looming ahead. Dread coiled tight in my gut at the prospect of parading through that lavish lobby, half-naked and clad in nothing but a flimsy towel. Rich folks in their designer clothing would gawk, whisper, and judge. I could already feel their eyes on me, a burning sensation that had nothing to do with reality—yet.

I turned to Matt, my voice low but firm as I clutched the towel tighter around my waist. "I'm not leaving this car like this."

Matt sighed, as if my request was some great inconvenience. He shrugged off his jacket and handed it over. "There you go, princess."

I snatched the jacket, scowling at the smug bastard. The fabric was still warm from his body heat, and I tried not to think about how it carried his rich, masculine scent. Slipping it on, I felt like a kid playing dress-up—the sleeves dangled well past my fingertips and the hem nearly grazed my knees. But it covered more than the skimpy towel, so I supposed I should be grateful.

As the car rolled to a stop, Matt didn't wait for me. He exited with the same easy grace he did everything, leaving me scrambling to follow with as much dignity as I could muster while wearing a towel and an oversized jacket.

The second I stepped out onto that immaculate driveway, I wanted nothing more than for the ground to swallow me whole. Hundreds of eyes turned our way, drawn by the bizarre sight of a young man in such a state of undress. My face burned hot enough to fry an egg as whispers and pointed stares followed our every step across that gleaming marble lobby.

I kept my gaze trained on the floor, trying to become one with the expensive Persian rugs as we strode through the heart of opulence. Matt, damn him, seemed utterly unfazed by the spectacle, strolling with his usual unflappable confidence.

"You're going to pay for this," I hissed under my breath, shooting him a venomous glare from beneath the safety of his jacket's upturned collar.

The smug bastard actually chuckled—a deep, rumbling sound that should not have sent a shiver racing down my spine. "I look forward to it, sweetheart."

(available on amazon kindle unlimited)


Tags: bl romance novel, mm romance, boys love, yaoi, billionaire romance, steamy romance, smut, high stakes romance, enemies to lovers romance, debt to love romance, forced proximity romance



How many and what books are working on?


Hello dear author, this looks like another great project.

I was wondering, how many books are you writing at the same time??

As for I, I'm patiently waiting for the sequel of the Kingdom of Roses and Magic. The fantastic universe you created there is absolutely marvellous, and the interactions between the numerous characters are just chef's kiss. So many questions still waiting for their answer...the world you invented there is just too perfect to forget about it.

Good luck with all your books and projects. Don't forget to take time for yourself.

Read you soon.


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