FREE The Beast and I Full-length Audiobook and Mason to Haru Pre-Order

Hello, my lovelies. It has been a while since I last wrote a post. I hope everyone is doing well.

Here are some updates on my part.


The full-length audiobook, including the steamy scenes, of The Beast and I is now up on my youtube channel. You can check that out HERE.

A Demon's Wrath (Cecelia and Drake the Demon King's love story) and The Magic of the Aurora Light (Alfie and the Seven Demon Lords' love story) audiobooks are coming soon to my youtube channel. Please subscribe to the channel HERE so you don't miss out when the episodes are released.

For BL fans, Haru to Aiden audiobook is coming soon in early 2021. The production will be underway in October. I've picked a male narrator that has a deep, sexy voice, so yes, I'm looking forward to the audiobook, and I hope you do, too. LOL! Please subscribe to the channel at Author Alexia X. so you don't miss out when the episodes are released.


(Steamy Stepbrothers BL Harem)

I've received a few requests for Haru's books covers to be changed to the manga or illustration art style instead of the generic ones (current). Good and bad news. Bad news first. I've contacted the previous illustrator, but she can't continue drawing the illustrations for me as she is very busy with a long-term contract for another work. The good news is that I have gotten in contact with another illustration (a friend of the previous one), and even though she is super busy with her long-term contract as well, she will do her best to draw me the illustrations for The Brothers Series. However, I will not be getting those illustrations until next year. I will keep everyone updated as this goes along. 


The Brothers Series Book 3, Mason to Haru is coming out in early October. The pre-order on most ebook stores (Apple iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble) are up. Pre-order on Amazon will be available closer to the release date. I will do another post when the link to Amazon is ready.

To Pre-Order Mason to Haru, please click HERE.



After the unexpected passionate whirlwind with Noah, Haru is looking forward to having a four-day vacation and spending quality time with the brothers and their friends on St. Joseph Island. Problems, however, arise when Mason confesses his feelings to Haru and Mason’s crush challenges Haru’s love and his sincerity toward Aiden, Noah, and Mason.

While Haru is sorting out his feelings and poly relationship with his stepbrothers, Mason is digging into the past, leading to the cause of their parents’ deaths—a past that could destroy Haru and his relationship with all the brothers.

Mason to Haru is a stepbrothers BL harem. Expect angst, drama, and lots of mm harem smuts.



Dreams were like a mixture of reality and fantasy. Nothing seemed or felt real, yet there you were, seeing and experiencing everything. It was like you were in a movie theatre and watching a film, only this one you were part of the film, interacting with the characters.