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Online Serializatoin Poll and Update

Thank you everyone for participating in the poll. Below is the result.

This means we're going to be doing a reverse harem romantasy with sexy, psycho men for romance and omegaverse harem romance with hunky movie stars billionaires for the bl/mm.

Below is titles and the serialization details.

Apparently, I'm a Despicable Villainess in a Novel

A regression reverse harem romantasy featuring a villainess female lead, four yandere (obsessive, possessive) male leads, kingdom-building, and steamy scenes later in the books as the story progresses.

Having gotten screwed over and killed by the hero of the novel I got transmigrated into, vengeance is the only satisfaction I crave, and to achieve that I’ll need aid from four powerful men. The problem is, I didn’t know they’re a bunch of obsessives, possessive psychos until it’s too late.

Post day: Saturday/Sunday (depending on where you live), a chapter per week, starts on 5th of May.

Harmony of Hearts

Harem bl/mm romance set in an omegaverse universe with an aspiring musical producer and three hunky movie stars billionaires.

Teasing blurb? I don't have one yet. It's coming soon though.

Post day: Wednesday/Thurdsay (depending on where you live), a chapter per week, starts on 5th of June.

Harmon of Hearts Main Page Is Coming Soon...

Note: The post days need to be different as I don't want to double posts on the same day. Also note that the bl/mm starts a month after the romantasy. This gives me time to write, edit, and post the chapters. Also, if I'm too busy or other stuff comes up (you know just life in general), I will post an apology. Sometimes I have other commitments, such as writing my main projects/books as well as life and family stuff.


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