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The Billionaire's Passion Teaser

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

It has been a while since I last posted a blog, so I thought I'd start doing it again. The first one for 2020 is a teaser for The Billionaire's Passion, book 2 of The Billionaire's Love featuring Sam and Chandra's love story. The book is expected to be released on March 30th. It is avaliable for pre-order on Apple iBooks and Google Play.



Finally, Chandra Chandler has a chance at love when Sam Harrington confessed his feelings for her. Now, Sam is asking her to move in with him, which Chan has agreed, with the encouragement of her sisters.

The changes in her environment, along with the warmth, care, and love Sam gives her bring Chan contentment and happiness, contrary to her fear prior. However, little does she know her dark past is about to return to haunt her, along with the people she feared most, threatening to destroy her new family.


Chapter 1

(Note this is only a draft)

It felt strange to be packing again, since it hadn’t been that long ago when Chan and her two sisters, Dara and Soriya, had moved into this luxurious apartment in the heart of the Gold Coast of Australia. To be sure, it seemed they had been relocating quite a bit during this past year, first the big change moving from New Zealand to Australia after the death of their beloved grandmother.

For a while, they had lived in number six of Bay View Avenue, a four bed-room beachside bungalow the girls had inherited from their deceased father. After they had sold that off to The Harrington Group, the multibillion-dollar company Chan had found out later belonged to Sam, the girls had moved into this beautiful apartment.

Now, Chan was moving again. Of course, her sisters Dara and Soriya would continue to live here while she...

Chan felt her heart skip a beat. Once again, she couldn’t believe Sam had asked her to move in with him after only three months of them dating. More so, she couldn’t believe she had agreed. It was so unlike her, to be doing this sort of things. She had always been so cautious, taking the time to think and evaluating the situation before taking the leap when making any major decision, especially a life changing one such as this.

A feeling of both dread mixed with anticipation and excitement stirred in the pit of her stomach, and Chan found her knees weakened. Leaving the array of cardboard boxes and her belongings scattered about the room, she came to sit down on the floor, feeling quite dazed suddenly at the thought that starting from today, this evening in fact, she’d be living with Sam and Lilly. They’d be seeing each other every day henceforth, doing things together like she had always done with her sisters.

Family. She was going to have a new family with Sam and Lilly.

A few knocks came at the door, and Soriya’s head pop in. The moment the sister saw Chan’s dazed expression, she chuckled, her eyes twinkling. “You okay?”

Soriya’s voice drew Chan’s attention, and the older sister sighed. “Yeah... I think so.”

Soriya came into the room and made herself comfortable on the floor beside her sister. “Are you nervous or something?”

Chan nodded. “Very. It’s my first time moving in with a man, you know.”

Soriya said, “There’s always a first in everything. But I’m sure things will work out fine. Sam loves you, and he wants to spend more time with you, which is only natural considering this is like your honeymoon phase of the relationship when everything is like super sweet and stuff. I mean I can totally understand why he wants you living with him, considering his work and everything. He hardly has time to spend with Lilly as it is, right?”

Chan nodded in agreement. Sam was always busy with work, especially recently, and she knew Lilly was lonely, which worried her. Of course, the little girl had friends at school, as well as Marian, the housekeeper to keep an eye on her, but it just wasn’t the same. A child needed her parents around to feel loved. Well, in this case, it’d be parent, since Sam was a single father.

“Yeah, being a businessman is tough, right?” Dara’s voice came from the opened door. “Especially if you’re a billionaire and running a multibillion-dollar company. Hardly any time to spend with loved ones beside work.”

Chan nodded.

Dara leaned herself against the frame of the door and then said, as she folded her arms across her chest. “Still packing?”

Again, Chan nodded. “It's the books.” She chuckled.

Soriya said. “Do you really need to take them all with you now? You can always leave them here until you’re fully settled in with Sam, you know.”

Chan couldn’t help but agreed with Soriya. She said, “Then I’ll leave the books here. And of course, the stuff I don’t really use as well.”

It was a few hours later when the doorbell rang, and Chan jumped in her spot.

She uttered under her breath, “He’s here already?”

“I’ll get it,” Dara said loudly from somewhere downstairs.

After taking one final look at her now pretty much empty bedroom, Chan turned on her heels and headed downstairs. She came into the corridor to see Sam looking over her packed belonging, which weren’t much; just a few suitcases and cardboard boxes filled with personal essentials; like her art equipment and stuff. She needed them for her drawing and writing, after all.

Since Sam was facing the other way and had his back to her, Chan took the time to admire him, appreciating his good looks.

Tall, lean, and broad shoulders, even from behind and without seeing his face, one knew Sam was a handsome man. She noted the dark hair nestling intimately against the nape of his neck, and she felt the urge to touch the strands. In fact, she felt the urge to go over to him and wrap her arms around his waist, too, to hug him from behind. But of course, she stayed where she was, which was at the base of the stairs. Her sisters were there, too, after all, and she certainly didn’t want to embarrass herself.

She licked her lips and said, “Hey, you’re early.”

Sam turned at the sound of her voice then, and the moment he faced her, she noticed the bright, warm smile that directed at her, which like usual, made her heart melt.

“Hey,” he said, his warm brown eyes twinkling. “Am I?” he asked as he came over.

Before Chan could protest, Sam wrapped his arms around her and planted a brief kiss on her forehead.

Chan blushed, not missing the fact that her sisters were watching them, and that they were smirking knowingly.

She placed her hands against his chest and gave him a light push back, away from her as she moved out of his arms.

She said, “I thought you weren’t going to be here until late this afternoon because of work.” Even though it was a Saturday.

But of course, Sam had been busy with work regardless if it was a weekday or a weekend, and since that day when he had confessed to her at the hotel, they could barely find time for each other. Chan, however, was fine with that. She wasn’t a greedy girl who demanded a guy be with her twenty-four seven when in a relationship. Work, and hence his business, for Sam was important, and she understood that. The fact that he had given her a key to his house so she could spend time with Lilly when he wasn’t around was wonderful enough for her.

He chuckled. “I finished early.”

She wondered if he had rushed his work so he could be with her as soon as possible? That was a high probability. Although she knew he wouldn’t compromise on the quality of his work, as he was conscientious and meticulous where that was concerned.

“I see,” she said as she tucked the delicate tendrils of her hair behind her ear. “Then I guess we should start taking all these boxes down to your van?”

He nodded. “The sooner this is done, the better. I’m sure Lilly is impatient for you to be at home.”

Home? Did Sam just say home? Instead of house? He made it sound like she already belonged there with them.

Soriya gave Dara a look as she worded silently with raised brows, “Home?”

Dara chuckled as she gave Soriya a light slap on the shoulder.

Meanwhile, Sam started picking up a few boxes and Chan rushed over to help him as she said, “You know I could have called in a moving company.”

Sam shook his head. “There’s enough space in the van. You aren’t bringing any big items anyhow.” He turned to give her a dashing smile. “Besides, I want to do this.”

Chan blushed. “Thanks.”

Behind them, Soriya said, “Ah-hum, two young love birds over there, please stop flirting and get a move on. The box is heavy, you know.” She was nodding at a little box in her arms, which didn’t look at all heavy, contrary to her words.

Sam chuckled. “Let’s get things moving then.”

Hence, the four people piles the boxes onto the platform trolley Sam had brought along with him. Not surprisingly, all of Chan’s belonging she had decided to take along with her fitted the platform perfectly without having to do a second round.

“That’s all?” Sam asked.

Chan nodded. “I don’t have that many things.”

Sam smiled. “You’re a minimalist, I see.”

It wasn’t that she was a minimalist per se, it was just that they hadn’t been well off growing up, and Chan and her sister had gotten used to only buying what was essential. The habit, naturally, stuck with them, even now when they were a bit more stable in terms of money.

Down at the underground parking lot of the apartment building, they loaded Chan’s stuff into Sam’s van.

Chan finally climbed into the front seat beside Sam. A few moments later, they were off, with Dara and Soriya getting into Dara’s car. They, too, were heading over to Sam’s house, to help Chan unpack and settle in.



I'm currently working on three audiobooks. These are The Beast and I, The Billionaire's Love, and A Demon's Wrath. Once done, the audiobooks will be avaliable on major audiobook stores such as audible, amazon, itune, google play and more. These audiobooks will also be turned into audio novel serial which will be posted as episodes on my YouTube channel Alexia X. Chann. The first audio novel serial to start is The Beast and I, narrated by Keira Grace. It begins airing on March 30th. Stay tuned for the trailer and more updates.

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