Update On Ongoing and New Series

Hello, my lovelies. It has been a while since I've posted something up on this blog. I sincerely apologize for that. I'm just going to blame it on the fact that it's winter here in New Zealand, and in winter, my immune system goes way down. Also, yes, COVID-19, and speaking of COVID-19, I hope everyone is doing all right. Please stay safe and healthy.

So books and writing-wise, I have not done much during May and June, but I'm catching up to that this month. I'm hoping to finish writing Mason to Haru by mid-August and then get that released by early September. Please stay tuned for updates.

After Mason to Haru, I will start with writing A Demon's Bride. It has been a long time coming for that one, and yes, the audiobook for A Demon's Wrath (book 1), is completed. Yay! I will start doing videos for that soon and uploading the episodes to YouTube once both The Billionaire’s Love and Annabel Maribel are completed. For A Demon's Wrath Audiobook on Youtube, I will be leaving everything in, as in the steamy scenes, so please look forward to it. Stay tuned for updates.

I'm hoping to have A Court of Roses and Stardust and Sakura My Love released by the end of this year, so please look forward to these two books, too.

New Series Launching in 2021

Apart from the ongoing series (Vegas Billionaires Club/Dark Billionaires, The Princeton Brothers, The Billionaire Brides, The Brothers, Aurora Realm Fairy Tales, and The Nine Kingdoms), I will be launching a few new series next year. Some of them will be light novels, ranging between 40-55K words per book, which means that I can release them faster. As you know, my current series are all full-length book that is in the 70-130k words range. These take me too long to write and then release, so me writing some of the series as light novels would allow me to release faster and you don't have to wait long between books.

IMPORTANT NOTE: None of these new series will have any pre-order until the launch date of the first book of each series, which you'll be pleased to know some of them will be FREE. Yes, you read that right, the first book of some of the new series will be FREE. That means you really need to keep your eyes peeled for any newsletters or blog posts coming in from me starting 2020 so that you don’t miss out on getting the free books. LOL!

Here is the list of my new series:

Sweet, Dark Captive: Omegaverse Reverse Harem Contemporary Romance – Very steamy and slightly dark (May 2020)

My Lady in Another World: Reverse Harem Historical Fantasy Romance – Slow burn with a focus on the world-building (August 2020)

The Blood Alchemist Militia: BL Fantasy Harem - Cute uke with multiple hunky, powerful semes - full of action, adventure, magic, mayhem, and mystery (September 2020)

The Infamous Crimson Mage: BL Fantasy - If you like flamboyance, cheeky semes with powerful magic and cute uke, then this fun, action-adventure with loads of steamy, sexy scenes BL series is for you. (September 2020)

Beastkin: BL Contemporary - Steamy and slightly dark. If you like cute ukes with fox ears, fluffy tails, and adorable fangs with dark pasts pairing with hunky semes with hard, rough exteriors, foul mouths with hearts of gold, then Beastkin is for you (January 2022).


Sweet, Dark Captive

Steamy Omegaverse Reverse Harem Contemporary Dark Romance

Will be published in light-novel volumes (5 for now)

First book free

Rich, powerful, ruthless—Colton, Kayden, and Jaxson Huntingdon are a trio of Alphas living in their own twisted, dark world, and they’d do whatever it takes to have me, an Omega, in that world.

My name is Delcy Charlton, a twenty-two-year-old girl doing her best at whatever life throws at her. Just when I think I’m about to get a break from all the hardship and the heartbreak, I’m betrayed by the one friend I trust and is taken captive by Colton, Kayden, and Jaxson.

In the Huntingdon brothers’ world, I’m locked up in an exquisite castle full of luxury and beautiful things, playing along with their hide-and-seek game of seduction. I run and hide; they chase. They catch me; they take me. I reach safe haven; they won’t touch me and I get paid a ludicrous amount of money.

My plan of escape is shattered when they take away my suppressant, and I have no choice but to participate in their game. I only hope I can last until the promised four weeks is up, but I know it will be challenging. My heat is coming, and neither I nor the brothers will be safe from the frenzy, passionate storm that my sweet scent will bring.

Sweet, Dark Captive is an omegaverse reverse harem dark romance and is published in a light-novel (40K words) serial volumes.

My Lady in Another World

Reverse Harem Historical Fantasy

Will be published in full-length novels

First book free