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Wild Wicked Gentlemen

Historical BL/MM Romance

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The Earl Falls in Love
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The Earl Falls in Love
Wild Wick Gentlemen Book 1
Edward and Ian [1]
Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited


He thinks his new ward is a brat, turns out he’s a beauty who steals his heart…


When Ian Harrison—the illegitimate, firstborn son of the late earl of Cheswick— hears that their estate will be inherited by a non-blood related distant relative, he is devastated and vows to do whatever it takes to provide their destitute family a roof over their heads. Little does Ian know a chance encounter with a beaten stranger changes his fate, for the striking man is none other than the new earl of Cheswick, Lord Edward Tyndall, the man Ian couldn’t help but take a liking to.


The catch of the seasons, Lord Edward Tyndall has enough on his plate dealing with family and business affairs. When he inherits another earldom, along with it a poorly managed estate and three little brats as wards, he sees it as more issues he doesn’t need in his life. As a responsible adult, he rides off to Cheswick, only to encounter an angel saving him, and innocently steals his heart. When he discovers this angel turns out to be his new ward Ian, Edward is both shocked and pleased. Now, how does he go about protecting Ian from not only notorious rakes, but Edward himself, too? Because clearly, he has fallen in love.


The Earl Courts Passion
Wild Wick Gentlemen Book 2
Edward and Ian [2]
Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited
Release Date: To Be Announce

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