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Alpha Billionaires: Yearning Hearts
(part of the alpha billionaires series)

Alpha Billionaires: Yearning Hearts

Asa Davenport and Dominic, Xavier, and Lucian Davenport

An arranged marriage omegaverse reverse harem romance

Steamy, Sensual, Intense, Passionate, Provocative, Yearning, Angsty, All-Consuming

Flames of Desire
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Flames of Desire
Alpha Billionaires: Yearning Hearts Book 1
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Thrust into a world of wealth, power, and insatiable desire, I, an omega, become the wife of three powerful alpha billionaire titans—Dominic, Xavier, and Lucian Davenport—through an arranged marriage.


Dominic’s commanding presence overwhelms me, igniting an aching need within, stripping me bare with its ferocity. Xavier’s brilliance is matched only by his obsession with protecting my delicate nature. Lucian’s silken words seduce me, his charisma wrapping around my heart like velvet chains.


Their insatiable desire both thrills and terrifies. The intensity of their love is all-consuming, their affection scorching. I crave their touch, the way their eyes devour me with an unquenchable hunger. Yet, I fear becoming lost in the tempest of their obsessive need to possess, own, and control every breath I take.


Adrift in a sea of opulence and privilege, my tender soul yearns for simple joys—to sing freely, to dance without restraint, to experience love without the weight of ownership.


Can I surrender to the searing ardor of these alpha titans while holding tight to the fragile embers of my independence? Or will the scorching blaze of their ravenous need reduce my identity to ashes on the altar of their obsession?


I have no choice but to try, for they have claimed and own me, body and soul, three kings staking their territory with a ferocity that allows no retreat. The question is, can I learn to claim and own them in return?


Chains of Devotion
Alpha Billionaires: Yearning Hearts Book 2
Available Wide

Release Date: To Be Announce

Book description coming soon...

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