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Sneak Peek - Ensnared Desire, A Steamy Omegaverse Ménage Romance

Ensnared Desire

Alpha Billionaires: Dual Pursuit Book 1

Steamy Omegaverse Ménage Romance

In a world where a mere glance can enthrall, I, an omega, am swept away into the opulent labyrinth of the ultimate alphas—Colton and Jaxon Sterling.


I never mean to catch their eyes, never intend to pierce the veil of the elite with anything more than a passing glance. My world is one of steaming coffee cups and the comforting hum of espresso machines—far from the realm of alpha billionaires like Colton and Jaxon Sterling. Yet the moment I step into the glittering gallery in a dress that is more a fantasy than my humble reality, I am caught in a storm of desire that I am woefully unprepared to weather.


Colton Sterling—the brooding, dark-haired enigma—dominates his empire with iron resolve and a gaze that freezes all but the bravest hearts. He is the kind of handsome that whispers danger with every line of his chiseled jaw, drawing me in even as my instincts scream to run away.


Jaxon Sterling—with a rogue's grin, cavalier's swagger, and impulsive whims—is the daylight to his twin's shadowy night. Yet beneath his playful exterior lurks a possessiveness that is every bit as intense as his brother's.


Together, they present a challenge I’m not sure I want to overcome—or escape.


Confronted by their magnetic pull, I stand on the precipice of a dilemma: to flee this forbidden dance or surrender to the whirlwind of a twin attraction that threatens to sweep away all I hold dear.



Alpha Billionaires: Dual Pursuit, a contemporary billionaire ménage romance set in an omegaverse universe is a tale of longing, ambition, and the uncharted territories of the heart, where every choice comes with a price, and the stakes are as high as the enticements are sweet.


Please note that “Ensnared Desire” is a captivating first installment of the “Alpha Billionaires: Dual Pursuit” serial and is part of the Alpha Billionaire Series. These novels are designed to be read in serialized fashion, concluding with cliff-hangers that lead into the next exhilarating chapter. To fully enjoy the depth and twists of the unfolding storyline, the books should be read in the sequence they were published.


Mood Keywords: Steamy, Sensual, Intense, Passionate, Provocative.




(Featuring Delcy Charlton and Colton and Jaxon Sterling)

1: Ensnared Desire

2: Untamed Passion (coming soon in June)


Chapter 1: Delcy

“Holy smokes! You look amazing,” Lydia said, chuckling, her eyes roving over me from head to toe.

I said tentatively, “Lydia, this dress, it’s too showy. I mean like my skin; it shows too much of my skin.”

With it on, I felt like I was someone else. But the dress was exquisite, and I appreciated its beauty, my fingertips following the lace tracing delicately across the contour of my bosom.

Behind me, Amanda said, “What are you going on about? That cocktail dress is perfect for you.”

Nora said, “You should be happy you get to wear it. Lydia is a darling for lending you something this fancy.” She shrugged her shoulders. “It’s not like you can afford anything like that. Be grateful, will you?”

Nora was right. For a girl who loved beautiful clothing and was into fashion but could never afford anything remotely decent, I should be grateful that I got to wear this. It must have been very expensive.

I bit my lip as I glanced at Nora. Sometimes I had the feeling she didn’t like me much. I had the feeling she thought I was inserting myself into their friendship because, well, they were the it girls; popular, wealthy, and had everything they ever wanted.

It was only natural since they were alphas, the top thirty percent of the population with godlike genes that guaranteed them good looks, intelligence, and success.

At the age of ten, everyone gets their compulsory genetic test which classifies you as alpha, beta, or omega. As alphas, people treated you like deities. Your classmates flocked to you, hoping to somehow attach themselves to you, riding along with your success and life of luxury.

An omega like me, the lower ten percent of the population with what was considered a cursed gene, didn’t belong anywhere near them, and I knew everyone thought I was a parasite, unashamedly sticking myself to Lydia and feeding on the crumbs of charity she so kindly bestowed upon me.

Sometimes, I did feel like I was intruding into Lydia’s life, and I never did feel comfortable around her or the people who surrounded her. The best place for me had always been my closet-sized apartment. My haven where I could chill and do my things.

“Right, put on the shoes, Delcy. You’re wearing the dress and these shoes,” Lydia ordered. “We need to get moving. We’re running late as it is.”

As I didn’t want to make a scene and piss any of them off, I hastily put on the three-inch heels and took a quick look at myself one last time.

I swallowed hard as I stared at my reflection in the mirror.

Raven locks, sun-kissed complexion, brown eyes, a well-defined nose, and full lips—I was told I was beautiful. They said I looked like an angel, and I fit perfectly into Lydia’s group of four, which included Lydia the Enchanting Queen, Amanda the Red Beauty, Nora the Sexy Succubus, and me, Delcy the Untouchable Angel.

But I wasn’t untouchable, nor was I an angel. I was an omega, and being untouchable was simply impossible since my body had started producing pheromones, and I had no one to fend for me. Since that incident, I have learned to fend for myself. I had learned to make sure I had my suppressant with me.

I was a nervous wreck by the time we arrived at the gallery, a fancy building uptown in the city.

At the entrance, as Amanda and Nora joined the throngs of people streaming into the gallery, I stood rooted to the spot. A sense of panic gripped me.

I didn’t belong here. Not now. Not ever.

Lydia turned to me and asked, “Delcy? You coming?”

I gave her a glance that conveyed my unease. She flashed me a smile and then came over to me and hooked her arm with mine.

“We’ll go in together,” she said. “Come on, it’ll be fun.”

I didn't understand the reason behind it, but my intuition urged me to flee.

My gut instinct was never wrong. That day when Mom and Dad had left the house for work, I had felt like this—sick to my stomach with the inkling that something bad was going to happen.

Something bad had happened; Mom and Dad got into a motor vehicle accident. That morning had been the last time I had seen my beloved parents.

“Delcy?” Lydia asked. “You look pale.”

I chuckled. “Yeah, just feeling a bit… off.”

Lydia looked at me for a brief instant and then said, “You’re thinking of running away again, aren’t you?” Her tone conveyed a sense of accusation.

“What?” I asked.

“From this,” she said, waving her hand at the entrance of the gallery and the people walking past us.

I didn’t answer her.

More gently, as if pleading, she said, “At least come in for a bit. I worked really hard on bringing you here.”

“So, I wasn’t really invited invited?” I asked. “You made them invite me?”

She chuckled, looking slightly guilty. “It’s not a party until you’re with me, you know. Please, Delcy? You look so hot tonight and to go home again would only be a waste.”

Lydia was right. As she said, she had worked hard on getting me invited here, and I didn’t want to let her down and ruin the night.

I took a deep breath and then nodded. “Okay,” I said softly, reluctantly.

Besides, what could possibly happen? It was only an event where affluent people sold artwork for charitable purposes, right?

“Awesome,” Lydia said, chuckling. “Okay, come on. Amanda and Nora are probably wondering where we are.”

We entered the crowd of attendees walking into the gallery, and shortly after, we were in the grand hall where magnificent artworks were being exhibited. I looked around in awe, taking in the sight.

A dense flock of people dressed in fancy evening attire and pricey gems were socializing, admiring the artwork, and sipping champagne. Some were bargaining for the art, and I faintly overheard some deals in the hundreds of thousands, which made me feel dizzy.

“Where have you two been?” Nora asked, appearing before me and Lydia. “We were looking all over for you two.”

Lydia said, “Delcy didn’t want to come in.”

Nora gave me a disapproving glance, causing my stomach to twist in response.

Amanda, who stood slightly behind Nora, asked, “Why didn’t you want to come in? Is this place too fancy for you and it makes you uncomfortable?”

I nodded. “Yeah, something like that.”

“I get it,” she said. “I'd feel uncomfortable too if I ended up at one of those poor-people gatherings.” She visibly cringed with repulsion.

A server passed us, skillfully carrying a tray bearing champagne flutes. Lydia grabbed two and handed me one.

I accepted it and said, “Thanks.”

“Come on, let’s enjoy ourselves and look around,” Nora said excitedly. “Some of the paintings look really nice.”

I trailed behind them as they chuckled, chatted, and admired the artworks, sculptures, or whatever was displayed.

I must admit, I had never felt so out of place, and I couldn't help but constantly steal glances at the entrance, longing to flee.

I had drained my second glass of champagne when I noticed Lydia, Amanda, and Nora had all but vanished from sight while I was engrossed in admiring the diverse array of stunning attire worn by the women present. The allure of exquisite garments had a way of making me oblivious to my surroundings.

Where had they gone off to? I wondered and started searching around but only saw the faces of strangers. If I couldn't locate them, I’d leave, which was my initial intention anyway, and that previous inkling I felt was still there.

I retrieved my phone and sent a message to Lydia. When I didn't receive a response after ten minutes, I grew impatient and was on the verge of leaving when my phone rang.

Seeing that it was from Lydia, I answered, “Lydia?”

“I don’t know what happened, but we suddenly lost you. Where are you? We’re on the third floor. There’s a private viewing room where we got invited. This place is awesome, Delcy. They even have food here. You have to come up here.”

“Actually, I was about to leave,” I said.

“What?” she exclaimed almost too sharply, which caused me to feel quite taken aback.

I heard Lydia exhaling a heavy breath as if to calm herself down, and then she said, “Please, Delcy, come up here. There’s food and drinks. I really want you to enjoy this evening with me, with us. It took me a lot of work to get you here, so please don’t be selfish.”

Selfish? Had I ever been selfish in my life? Never. Ever. Lydia knew this so why would she use that word on me?

“Please, Delcy? Pretty please with a cherry on top?” she begged.

I sighed.

She must have known she got me because she said, “There’s food.”

Food. The mere mention of the word caused my mouth to water and my stomach to rumble. It had been seven hours since my last meal at noon, and it had been light. Just a peanut butter sandwich.

I scrimped and saved to make ends meet, and food was always the last on the list after all the other bills were paid, and Grandpa's bills for care took the biggest chunk out of that. Even working six days a week at two different coffee shops still didn't help ease the financial burden.

I said, “Okay, I’ll be there soon.”

After Lydia had given me directions, I ended the call and headed to the elevator.



Here on the third floor, there were more artworks, and I found them more compelling than I wanted to admit.

Must be nice to be rich, with no financial worries and the ability to buy expensive artwork solely to display one's wealth. At least these particular paintings were for charity, all for a noble cause.

People were mingling around here, too, although not in great numbers. I walked past the main hall and then approached a door. Opening it, I entered a spacious passageway.

It was quiet here, and as I approached the opposite door, a couple strolled toward me. As they passed, the male glanced my way. The young woman appeared to be inebriated, chuckling and leaning onto the man. I felt myself stiffen until the duo entered the room behind me and exited.

I hurried down the corridor, anxious to find Lydia because that uneasy feeling that something was amiss persisted, growing increasingly insistent.

I opened the door that said Private Gallery and immediately felt a sense of regret wash over me. I felt like a deer caught in headlights as I stood there, frozen in place. My heart raced as I tried to figure out what to do next. I didn't want to be here, but I also didn't want to let Lydia down. I owed it to her to at least try to fit in.

I took a deep breath and stepped forward, trying to ignore the way my body trembled. It wasn't just the unfamiliar environment that made me feel so uneasy; it was the many pairs of eyes that were fixating on me. They were penetrating, as if appraising my worth.

I nervously darted my gaze around, seeking Lydia, Amanda, or Nora amidst the crowd. Just one familiar face would have eased my anxiety. But I couldn't find them anywhere in this opulent room. It was then that I realized I had unwittingly entered a den of lions.

Alphas! There were so many of them, exuding confidence and power in their polished attire. Not to mention their pheromones. The room was saturated with them. It was intoxicating. There were betas and omegas present, too, though in smaller number, and they were playfully flirting with the alphas.

Unable to tolerate being the focus of attention any longer, I hastily turned on my heel. I was about to make my exit when a deep voice uttered, “Leaving already?”

I turned around to face a man in a tailored suit approaching me. With the alcohol in my body and my mind clouded, I made the mistake of lifting my gaze and meeting the man's eyes. I had violated my own simple rules, and I felt as though I was sinking, drowning, as panic overwhelmed me.

Tall, leanly built, and gorgeous with dark hair, high cheekbones, an aquiline nose, and sensual lips—this man was every girl’s fantasy.

I gazed at him, and I felt it, that electrical spark coursing through my body, and my heart began to race.

No. No. No. I didn’t want to feel anything like this, not here and definitely not with a man like the one standing before me.

He drew closer, and I inhaled a sharp breath, feeling woozy in an instant.

His scent. There was something oddly alluring about his scent.

“Why don’t you join us for a few drinks?” he asked.

I licked my lip and said, “I’m here looking for my friends.”

I tried to control the sudden surge of nervousness coursing through me while suppressing the enticing warmth that blazed within, but it was impossible. What the heck was wrong with me? Why was my body acting so strange lately?

Sure, this guy was obviously an alpha. It was evident from his striking appearance and the way he moved, with a regal gait that reminded one of a predator stalking its prey. But I shouldn’t react the way I was reacting since I had already taken my suppressant. I had encountered other alpha males before, and my body had never reacted this strongly.

No, that wasn't true. There were those two men who had entered Brewed Dreams nearer to closing time some time back and one of them again the next day and then every other day after that.

I had instinctively raised my mask the instant I had gotten a whiff of their scents. A face mask was my greatest ally when out in public, mitigating the overpowering aroma of alphas.

As with this moment, I had felt an intense fiery sensation within me in the presence of those two men back then. I had made a conscious effort to ignore them, focusing intently on my work brewing coffee and avoiding making any eye contact with them, or even resting my gaze on their faces. I had been relieved when they departed shortly after, but their scent lingered, and I had to take an additional suppressant that night.

I had no face mask on at the moment, and the scent of the man in front of me hit me like a tidal wave.

Oh, how I longed for my face mask. Lydia hadn't warned me this place would be filled with alphas. It looked like I'd have to take another suppressant as soon as possible if I wanted to get through the night without making a scene or an idiot of myself.

“Your friends?” he asked. “Hmm…” He tilted his head to one side. “Were they invited?”

I nodded. “Yes, Lydia said we were invited to this private viewing room?” I gasped. “This is a private viewing room, right? It said Private Gallery outside.”

His eyes twinkled, and a captivating grin graced his face. “Yes, this is a private viewing room. Lydia, did you say?” he asked.

“Yes, Lydia,” I said. “Lydia Hamill.”

“And you are?” He raised one dark brow.

I licked my lip and said, “Delcy… Delcy Charlton.”

“Delcy,” he said as if he were tenderly caressing the name. “That’s a beautiful name.”

I tugged strands of hair behind my ear, feeling my cheeks flush with heat. I wasn’t sure why I was blushing simply because he told me I had a beautiful name.

“Thanks, I guess?”

Intense stare. Goodness, but I could feel this burning stare directed at me from somewhere among the crowd. Who was looking at me like they wanted to devore me whole?

“Delcy,” the man standing before me said.

I glanced up to see him extending his hand toward me. I knew this gesture well. It was an invitation, a show of trust.

Invitation. Trust.

Did I want to be invited by this man? Did I even trust him?

The answer was no to both. I was sure placing my hand in his was a bad idea and fought off the compelling pull. I even retreated a pace to put some distance between us, aware that without it, I might succumb to his sway.

This man exuded that sort of silent yet formidable authority anyone would find hard to ignore. I could sense that he possessed the ability to motivate and persuade others to fulfill his bidding, no matter the task, through simple gestures. Yes, he radiated that sort of charm... and that captivating, roguish grin any woman, particularly an omega, would find challenging to resist.

He didn’t appear deterred by my refusal of him and gave me another smile that made my heart skip. Once again, his eyes were twinkling.

Wow, those eyes were stunning, a deep shade of sapphire blue.

“It seems I have forgotten my manners.” He chuckled. “My apologies, Delcy.” He bowed slightly. “The name’s Jaxon Sterling,” he said.

Jaxon Sterling! As in the Jaxon Sterling of Sterling Enterprises? One of the two Sterlings I had delivered coffee for and left notes along with whimsical kawaii doodles?

I was both shocked and pleasantly surprised.

“Would you care to join me and my brother for a drink? Then I will aid you in finding your friend Lydia.”

Jaxon Sterling. Jaxon Sterling, I chanted repeatedly in my head. The Jaxon Sterling was standing in front of me. It was unbelievable.

I managed to get my wits about me and said, “Uh, no, that’s quite all right, Mr. Sterling.” I turned on my heel then, suddenly feeling the desperate need to leave.

I knew instinctively that if I lingered, this hunk, Jaxon Sterling, would not leave me alone. Despite how much I admired the Sterlings, I wanted no part in their world, his world, which was as far apart and as different as could be from mine. Not to mention that intense stare I felt from somewhere in the crowd was far too unsettling for me to endure any longer.

I was just about to leave when a familiar voice echoed. “Delcy!”

I turned to see Lydia hurrying toward me, beaming. Close, she enfolded me in a tight embrace as if she hadn't seen me for years. She said, “So glad you made it.”

I wondered where she had come from. I was certain I hadn’t seen her in the room. Unless I had been too nervous, anxious, and most of all, conscious of Jaxon and that intense gaze emanating from within the crowd, that I failed to notice her.

Lydia turned to Jaxon and said, “Oh, hello?” To me, she asked teasingly, “And who’s this?” as she nodded toward Jaxon.

Jaxon chuckled and said, “You must be Lydia.”

Lydia nodded as she offered her hand to him in greeting. “Yes, I am.”

Jaxon took it, brought it to his lips, and gave the back a light kiss. When he released her hand, he said, “Jaxon Sterling.”

“Jaxon,” she said softly. “I see you’re making yourself acquainted with my friend Delcy.”

Jaxon chuckled. “I was asking the lovely Delcy if she’d like to join me and my brother for a drink.” He shifted his gaze to me, an amused smile on his lips.

Lydia turned to me. “Delcy? You didn’t refuse him, did you?”

I tugged my hair behind my ear again, a habit I had when I was nervous, and said, “Well… Actually…”

Turning to Jaxon, Lydia said, “Delcy is a bit shy, but she’s the life of the party once you get to know her.”

The assertion was entirely untrue. It was baffling to me why Lydia would say that. I was never the life of any party. At a party, if I happened to be invited to one, I was always the wallflower.

“Is she now?” Jaxon said.

To me, Lydia said, “Why don’t we join Jaxon and his brother for a drink or two? It’s going to be so much fun.”

I shifted my gaze from Lydia to Jaxon, and I noted Jaxon watching me carefully, waiting for my response.

Not wanting to ruin the night for Lydia, since she looked so eager, I finally nodded. “Why not.”

“Great,” Jaxon said, and he extended his hand to me for the second time.

I stared at it for a moment, and feeling that powerful, unreasonable urge to simply obey his silent command again, I hesitantly placed mine in it.

Jaxon closed his fingers around my hand, preventing me from escaping his clutch, and I suddenly felt as if I were ensnared.

His gaze sparkled as he lifted my hand, and the instant I felt his lips against my flesh, torrents of scorching sensation surged through me like an all-consuming blaze.

I found myself momentarily out of breath as I attempted to control the intense reaction I had toward him, but it appeared to be in vain. My limbs felt as though they were made of jelly. To make matters worse, my entire body felt scorching and feeble as if it were about to crumble to the ground and surrender to...

To what? To be ravished?

When Jaxson finally released my hand and guided Lydia and me toward the opposite end of the room, a small voice in the back of my mind urged me to flee. But I knew it was too late.

Whatever happened now, it was too late the instant my eyes locked with another pair of sapphire-blue ones that were currently observing me intently. I realized then this was the stare I felt, the one that unnerved me.

The reactions I felt for Jaxon were intense, but they paled in comparison to the overwhelming feelings evoked by this man who was undoubtedly Jaxon's twin brother.

His penetrating gaze elicited desires I never knew I possessed. My limbs grew feeble, while a scorching heat kindled somewhere deep inside me, already blazing with... cravings.


This man was an alpha, exuding an air of dominance, a male who possessed an irresistible allure over others. I knew he knew I was attracted to him in that inexplicably powerful way—the way only an omega was attracted to an alpha, the one that meant to turn your world upside down.

A dark smile spread across his lips, which ignited my pulse.

When Jaxon said, “Ladies, meet my twin brother, Colton Sterling,” I drew in a shaky breath, and I knew that my world was never going to be the same again.


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