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Sneak Peek - Flame of Desire, A Steamy Omegaverse Reverse Harem Romance

So I'm working on multiple books and series at the same time. I can't help but start this one, and now, the first book of the serial is done. Flame of Desire is part of the Alpha Billionaires Series. The serial title is Alpha Billionaires: Yearning Hearts.

EDIT: The Book will be out on May 4th and available wide on Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, Smashwords, and more. Please click on the pre-order link below. The landing book2read page has options for your favorite stores.

The book will be out on May 4th. For now, it will be on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. I'm playing it by ear and will revisit and decide whether to continue in KU or go wide with the Alpha Billionaires Series after the first term (3 months). If it doesn't make sense, the books will be widely distributed through other ebook stores like the rest of my romance books, with the first book set as perma-free to download. Wide means Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, Radish Fiction, and more. Currently, with Ensnared Desire in KU, it doesn't look like it's making any sense to me so it's likely Flame of Desire will be the same.

Okay, let's get on with the sneak peek. Yay! So excited about this one. It's super steamy and spicy and very angsty with three intense obsessive, possessive male leads. Yandere alert! #yandere #yanderemalelead

Flame of Desire

Alpha Billionaires: Yearning Hearts

Steamy Omegaverse Reverse Harem Romance

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Book Description

Thrust into a world of wealth, power, and insatiable desire, I, an omega, become the wife of three powerful alpha billionaire titans—Dominic, Xavier, and Lucian Davenport—through an arranged marriage.


Dominic’s commanding presence overwhelms me, igniting an aching need within, stripping me bare with its ferocity. Xavier’s brilliance is matched only by his obsession with protecting my delicate nature. Lucian’s silken words seduce me, his charisma wrapping around my heart like velvet chains.


Their insatiable desire both thrills and terrifies. The intensity of their love is all-consuming, their affection scorching. I crave their touch, the way their eyes devour me with an unquenchable hunger. Yet, I fear becoming lost in the tempest of their obsessive need to possess, own, and control every breath I take.


Adrift in a sea of opulence and privilege, my tender soul yearns for simple joys—to sing freely, to dance without restraint, to experience love without the weight of ownership.


Can I surrender to the searing ardor of these alpha titans while holding tight to the fragile embers of my independence? Or will the scorching blaze of their ravenous need reduce my identity to ashes on the altar of their obsession?


I have no choice but to try, for they have claimed and own me, body and soul, three kings staking their territory with a ferocity that allows no retreat. The question is, can I learn to claim and own them in return?



Alpha Billionaires: Yearning Hearts, a contemporary billionaire reverse harem romance set in an omegaverse universe is a tale of passion, obsession, and the delicate balance between love and control. Step into Asa’s world and experience the thrilling journey of an omega caught in the throes of an all-consuming love with three powerful alphas. Will their love rise from the ashes of their tumultuous beginning, or will it be consumed by the very flames that ignited it?



Please note that “Flame of Desire” is a captivating first installment of the “Alpha Billionaires: Yearning Hearts” serial and is part of the Alpha Billionaires Series. These novels are designed to be read in serialized fashion, concluding with cliff-hangers that lead into the next exhilarating chapter. To fully enjoy the depth and twists of the unfolding storyline, the books should be read in the sequence they were published.


Mood Keywords: Steamy, Sensual, Intense, Passionate, Provocative, Yearning, Angsty, All-Consuming.




This sneak peek contains steamy adult scene (R18+). As does the book contains a good number of steamy adult scenes. As I stated previously, Alpha Billionaire: Yearning Hearts is very spicy.

Chapter 1


The fluorescent lights hummed overhead, casting a stark glow over the cramped aisles of the convenience store. The cap on my head felt like shoddy armor and the facemask, my only shield against the onslaught of alpha pheromones that frequented this place. The last customer, a regular who always bought two packs of gum and a lotto ticket, just shuffled out into the night’s embrace.

The door’s bell chimed its shrill tone as another customer stepped inside, a stark contrast to the gritty surroundings. His presence seemed to swallow the space, a visual whisper of power wrapped in sleek attire that no one in this part of town wore. His coat, a deep charcoal, draped over him with a casual elegance that belied its cost. The cut of his trousers spoke of tailored precision, and his shoes, polished to a reflective sheen, clicked against the linoleum with an authority that demanded attention.

My pulse quickened, hands trembling slightly as I clutched the edge of the counter. I could feel him before I even caught sight of his face. It was like an electric current beneath my skin, that familiar tug at my senses that I’d been trying to avoid.

His hair was black with a hint of rich coffee brown, and it fell just enough to suggest a nonchalance that I knew was anything but accidental. When he turned his head slightly, the overhead light caught his eyes, those clear gray orbs that held worlds within them, and for a moment, they seemed to pierce through me, even though my own gaze was fixed firmly on the cash register.

He moved through the aisles with purposeful strides, fingers trailing over products with feigned interest. A bottle of water here, a glance at the nutrition bars there. But I knew better. He wasn’t here for late-night snacks or forgotten necessities.

Each night he came, a silent watchful guardian. It had been a week since these visits started, a week since my world became a chessboard with moves plotted in shadows.

My heart hammered against my rib cage as he drew closer to the counter without picking up a single item. It wasn’t random browsing; it was an inspection, a reminder that no matter where I tried to hide or how inconspicuous I tried to be, they would find me.

I busied myself straightening already neat stacks of receipts, trying to calm my fraying nerves. His approach was slow and measured; every step he took resonated in the pit of my stomach like a drumbeat counting down to something inevitable.

He approached the counter, the air thickening with an intensity that seemed to squeeze my chest. My hands trembled more violently now, and my heart raced as if trying to escape the confines of my body. The scent of his alpha pheromones engulfed the space between us, heavy and unyielding, clawing at my insides, a visceral reminder of the power he wielded without even trying.

“Asa,” he said, his voice a deep timbre that vibrated through me. My name on his lips was a caress and a brand all at once, igniting an onslaught of memories I had desperately tried to lock away. I flinched at the sound, feeling sick with the surge of emotions I couldn’t control.

“Please,” I managed to choke out, “don’t do this. If you’re not going to buy anything, just leave.” My voice was a whisper, but I hoped it carried enough weight to send him away.

He sighed, a sound heavy with something unreadable. His gaze lingered on me for a moment longer before he reached out and grabbed a pack of gum from beside the register. He laid it down with deliberate slowness, as if every movement was calculated to affect me.

I snatched up the gum and scanned it with shaky hands, desperate for this transaction—and his presence—to be over.

“Two dollars and thirty-five cents,” I muttered.

Instead of swiping his card himself as most did, he extended it toward me. My fingers brushed against his as I took it from him, a jolt running up my arm from the contact. Suppressing a shiver, I swiped his card with more force than necessary.

I handed back his card, but as our hands met once again, he let his fingers graze mine in a deliberate stroke. I sucked in a sharp breath at the contact, feeling like I’d been scorched by the simplest touch.

Without another word or glance, he turned on his heel and strode out into the night. The bell above the door announced his departure with that same shrill chime. Left alone, my heart slowly began to resume its normal pace while I clung to the counter for support.

Eventually, the chime of the clock marked midnight, my cue to escape. I shuffled behind the counter, nodding at Jorge, who took over with a sleepy grunt.

“Thanks, Jorge,” I said, my voice barely above a whisper.

He grunted again, a nonverbal you’re welcome as he settled in for his own nightly battle with monotony.

I made my way to the back, each step heavier than the last. The alpha’s visit had shaken me more than I wanted to admit. In the dimly lit break room, I slumped against the wall, struggling to focus on counting the change from my tip jar. The coins blurred before my eyes, their metallic clinks merging into a jangle that echoed my racing heart.

Fumbling through my bag, I searched for relief, a small bottle of suppressants that kept my omega pheromones at bay. My hands were clumsy as they wrapped around the familiar container, but when I flipped the cap open, despair gripped me. One pill left. One inadequate shield against an onslaught I wasn’t prepared to face.

I pressed the lone pill between my fingers, feeling its smooth surface as a lump formed in my throat. Tears pricked at the corners of my eyes, but I swallowed them down along with the pill. Crying wouldn’t change anything. It wouldn’t stave off the heat that was already curling within me.

I changed quickly into street clothes, loose-fitting jeans and a hoodie that felt like a thin veneer of normalcy. Stepping out into the night offered some solace, fewer people roamed at this hour, fewer chances of crossing paths with an alpha whose scent could unravel me completely.

The back streets were quiet as I walked, each step taking me farther from the store and deeper into a fog of heat-induced dizziness. My skin prickled with sweat beneath my clothes as warmth spread through me like wildfire.

Without warning, my knees buckled. I stumbled against the rough brick of a nearby building and slid down to the ground. The coolness of the stone did little to quell the heat raging inside me. There I sat in the shadows, trying to catch a breath that seemed just out of reach, as my world spun dangerously out of control.

The brick wall pressed cold against my skin, a stark contrast to the heat clawing its way through my body. I could hardly focus, my senses dulled by the pill and the overwhelming rush of my own heat. Then I felt it, alpha pheromones, not one but several, closing in on me like predators drawn to a wounded animal.

Panic clawed at my throat, my heart slamming against my chest with such force it threatened to burst through. I couldn’t move, couldn’t run. My limbs were leaden, unresponsive to the frantic commands from my brain.

Footsteps approached, heavy and confident. Laughter sliced through the air, sharp and cruel.

“Look what we have here,” a voice sneered close by. “A lone omega out in the open.”

Another voice chimed in, laced with excitement, “It’s our lucky night, boys.”

I tried to make myself smaller against the wall, to disappear into the shadows that had once offered solace. My breath came in ragged gasps as I struggled to find any semblance of control over my trembling body.

The nearest alpha leaned down toward me, his hand reaching out as if to claim a prize. Just before his fingers could brush against my skin, a different alpha scent slammed into me, a storm of cedar and steel that I recognized all too well.

A blur of movement erupted before my eyes as fists and bodies collided with a violence that vibrated through the air. Grunts and curses filled the space where laughter had been moments before. My mind reeled, unable to fully process what was happening.

The fight was over as quickly as it had begun. The threatening alphas scattered like leaves in a gale, leaving behind only one figure standing tall amid the chaos.

He turned toward me—Xavier Davenport, one of my three husbands—and in a few strides closed the distance between us. Dropping to his knees, his gaze locked on mine with an intensity that burned.

“Where’s your suppressant?” His voice was a command that brooked no argument.

“I… I don’t have any left,” I managed to stammer out, my voice barely above a whisper.

Xav’s jaw clenched at my admission, frustration flaring briefly in his eyes before he shifted into action. With surprising gentleness belying his earlier violence, he slid one arm behind my back and another beneath my knees.

“No… don’t,” I protested weakly as he lifted me effortlessly from the ground.

Ignoring my feeble attempts to push him away, he carried me toward his car parked just feet away. My head spun with the rapid shift from danger to safety, or whatever this was supposed to be, my body leaning into his despite my mind’s protests.

The cool leather of his car seat pressed against my skin as he settled me inside. His scent enveloped me once more, a storm that calmed and claimed all at once, and for reasons I couldn’t fathom or fight against, I ceased resisting.

Xav’s fingers brushed against the pill bottle as he withdrew it from the glove box. My hands, still shaking, reached out eagerly to grasp the lifeline he offered. The smooth surface of the bottle felt cool against my clammy skin as I fumbled with the cap, desperate for the reprieve that lay within.

“Here,” he said softly, his tone a mix of command and concern as he poured two pills into my palm.

I tossed them back without hesitation, swallowing dryly, willing them to dissolve and flood my system with their chemical calm. The heat within me didn’t subside immediately, but the edge of desperation dulled just enough for me to catch my breath.

Xav cupped my face in his hands, forcing me to meet his gaze. His eyes searched mine, clouded with worry.

“Feeling better?” he asked, his thumb brushing along my cheekbone in a gesture so tender it was at odds with the controlled alpha I knew him to be.

A lie formed easily on my lips, a nod and a whisper of “Yes,” even though I felt anything but better. I couldn’t let him see how much I was unraveling, couldn’t bear for him to witness just how weak I truly was.

“Where are you staying? I’ll drop you off,” he insisted, his voice firm yet laced with a softness that made it difficult to refuse.

I couldn’t let him know where I lived. My apartment was small and dirty, a far cry from the Davenport luxury, but it was mine. It was the one place where I could be alone, away from their world of power and control.

“Just around the corner is fine,” I lied smoothly.

Xavier’s gaze narrowed in suspicion, but he started the car without another word. The hum of the engine was a soothing purr that seemed to cradle my frayed nerves. As we drove through the city’s silent streets, my eyelids grew heavy, each blink a battle against the pull of exhaustion.

Then the heat surged back with a vengeance. A whimper escaped me as I doubled over in my seat, clutching at my abdomen as if I could physically push away the overwhelming sensations.

“Dammit,” Xav cursed under his breath as he glanced at me. “Hang on.”

He made a sharp turn, changing direction entirely. The cityscape blurred past us as we raced toward an unknown destination that could only be one place, the penthouse.

I wanted to protest, to demand that he let me out, but words failed me as another wave of heat crashed over me. Xav’s jaw was set in grim determination as he navigated through the streets, my fate sealed by circumstance and an alpha’s unwavering decision.



The city lights blurred into streaks of neon as I stumbled out of the haze of my own turmoil, barely registering the sensation of being lifted from the car. The cool air of the private elevator was a shock to my heated skin, and I tried to focus on the steady rhythm of Xavier’s heartbeat against my ear.

“Master Xavier, welcome—Oh!” The butler’s voice, crisp and formal, morphed into surprise at the sight of me in Xav’s arms. Harris’ face, always a picture of composed professionalism, now etched with concern.

Xav didn’t miss a beat. “Harris, make sure we’re not disturbed tonight.”

The butler’s eyes widened a fraction before he dipped his head in a nod. “Of course, sir.”

As we ascended to the penthouse, I felt the comforting walls of my old room beckoning me. It was a place that held both memories and secrets, a sanctuary that once provided solace from the outside world.

Xav carried me through the door and laid me gently on the bed. The room was as I remembered it, spacious and immaculate, with floor-to-ceiling windows offering a breathtaking view of the city skyline. But all its grandeur faded into insignificance as another wave of heat tore through me.

I curled up, pulling my knees to my chest in an effort to contain the fire within. My body trembled, each breath a shaky gasp as I fought against the overwhelming desire clawing at my insides.

Xav moved toward the door, his silhouette framed by the city lights. Panic laced through me at the thought of being alone.

“Please,” I croaked out, reaching for him with a trembling hand. “Don’t leave me.”

He paused and turned back to look at me, his expression unreadable for a moment before it softened.

“Asa,” he said gently as he returned to my side and wrapped his arms around me in an embrace that felt like an anchor in a stormy sea. “I’m not going anywhere, sweetheart.”

Xavier’s lips brushed my forehead, a whisper of comfort that seeped into my frantic mind.

“It’s going to be okay,” he murmured, his voice a steady hum that grounded me. I burrowed into his embrace, the scent of him, clean and subtly spiced, filling my senses. The terror that had gripped me in its icy clutches began to melt away under the warmth of his presence.

In the safety of his arms, a cocoon against the chaos of my body’s betrayal, I found a moment’s peace. The heat still simmered beneath my skin, but it was bearable with Xavier there. I didn’t see the tension that carved itself into his jaw or the way his eyes darkened, a storm brewing in their depths.

His fingers trailed soothing patterns on my back, but each touch stoked the heat anew. I wasn’t aware of how my body responded to him, how my own pheromones filled the room, potent and alluring. I didn’t notice how he swallowed hard or the subtle shift in his breathing.

The heat flared again, fiercer this time, and I clung to Xav with a desperation that bordered on madness. My hands roamed over the contours of his body as if they had a will of their own. My breaths came in short gasps, and I tilted my head back, seeking his lips with an urgency that drowned out reason.

Xav hesitated for a fraction of a second before he steadied me with hands on my shoulders. His touch was firm but gentle.

“Shh,” he soothed again, but this time there was a strained note in his voice. He held me close, but there was a tremor in his arms as he fought to keep himself under control. His restraint was palpable, a tangible force in the room that wrestled with the invisible pull of my omega pheromones.

My hands traced up to cup his face, drawing him down toward me. The need for connection overpowered everything else. I needed to feel him against me, to know I wasn’t alone in this engulfing blaze. My lips parted in silent invitation, seeking his in an instinctive dance.

 Xavier’s lips crashed into mine, a collision of hunger and desperation. His fingers tangled in my hair, tugging me closer as if he couldn’t get enough. The kiss was fierce, demanding, and I surrendered to it willingly. It was a dance of tongues and teeth, a battle for dominance that I had no hope of winning.

I remembered this feeling, the way his hands gripped me with a possessiveness that sent shivers down my spine. It was a hold that claimed me, marked me as his. And I wanted more. I needed more.

My own hands roamed over his body, mapping out the contours of his muscles through the fabric of his shirt. I tugged at it impatiently, needing to feel his skin against mine. Xavier seemed to understand my unspoken plea and pulled back just long enough to discard his coat, suit jacket, and shirt and then pull away my hoodie before crashing his lips back to mine.

We tumbled on the bed, a tangle of limbs and heated skin. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once, igniting sparks of pleasure wherever they touched. I arched into him, my body molding to his as if we were two pieces of a puzzle finally clicking into place.

Xavier’s lips trailed down my neck, his teeth grazing the sensitive skin and making me gasp. He found the spot where my pulse thrummed wildly and sucked. I cried out, my fingers digging into his shoulders as I held on for dear life.

He moved lower, his mouth carving a path of fire down my chest. Each touch, each kiss, each nip of his teeth sent jolts of electricity through my veins. I was lost in a haze of sensation, drowning in the overwhelming need that consumed me.

Xavier’s hands moved to my jeans, unbuttoning them before sliding them down my legs. My body now completely bare, he gazed at me with a hunger that made my heart race, his eyes dark with desire.

He ran his fingers through my hair, then traced a path along my cheekbone, down to my neckline, and over the curve of my breast where he gently stroked and caressed me. His gaze mirroring the journey of his touch, which continued their descent to my abdomen and then further south, reaching my pelvis before slowing as they neared my wetness where his eyes lingered on my slick, aching pussy that was longing for his touch and the feel of his hard cock.

He cupped me there, the warmth of his palm against the heat of my wetness, and I gasped for air. It had been so long.

“Oh, Asa,” he murmured softly, his voice hoarse, as he bent down to capture my lips.

Our mouths met in a fervent kiss, our tongues twisting and twirling in a passionate tango. As he broke away, I was left breathless and disoriented, and he turned his attention to my pussy.

When he started devouring me, I thought I might shatter from the intensity of it. The feel of his hot lips and tongue on my sensitive bundle of nerves made my hips buck of their own accord, seeking more of that delicious heat. Xav held me down, his hands like brands on my skin as he worked me, his lips and tongue ravishing me toward the edge of oblivion.

When he finally moved back and positioned himself above me, he looked at me with a fervor that made my heart race. He unzipped his pants, pulled it down his legs, and kicked them away, and I found my gaze drifting to his cock.

I inhaled sharply at the sight of his impressive member, which had often made me cry out in pleasure as it thrust into me, and I couldn’t help but tremble involuntarily.

Xavier settled himself between my legs, his face mere inches from mine. His breath caressed my skin as he whispered, “May I?”

I swallowed hard and responded by wrapping my arms around him and pulling him closer. Xav held me more tightly, and as he entered me, his gaze remained locked on mine. I bit my lip to stifle a cry, my body stretching to accommodate him.

Xavier moved with a deliberate slowness that drove me wild. Each thrust was measured and precise, hitting that sweet spot inside me that made my toes curl. I could feel the tension building inside me, a coil of pleasure that threatened to unravel at any moment.

He leaned down to capture my lips in a searing kiss, his tongue tangling with mine as he continued to move inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, urging him deeper, needing to feel him as close to me as possible.

Xavier’s hands found their way to my hips, holding me in place as he picked up the pace. The rhythm was relentless, each thrust sending shock waves of pleasure through my body. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge, my breaths coming in short gasps as I clung to him. When Xav reached between us to stroke my sensitive nerves, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I cried out his name as I came apart in his arms, my body shaking with the force of my release.

Xavier followed soon after, his own orgasm tearing through him with a ferocity that left us both breathless. He collapsed on top of me, his body heavy and warm as he pressed a kiss to my sweat-dampened forehead.

For a moment, we just lay there, our hearts pounding in sync as we each caught our breath. I could feel the aftershocks of my orgasm still rippling through me, leaving me boneless.

Xavier pulled back to look at me, his eyes soft with affection. “Are you okay?” he asked, his voice husky.

I nodded, unable to find the words to express how I was feeling. I felt like I was floating, my body buzzing with pleasure.

Xavier’s lips found mine again, his tongue slipping past my parted lips with an urgency that stole the breath from my lungs. I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him closer, acutely aware that my body craved more. The omega heat surged within me, clamoring to be quenched, and I knew that it wouldn’t be until I was pounded senseless for the rest of the night.

Xavier’s hands cupped my face, his thumb tracing my jawline as he deepened the kiss. I could feel his hard length pressing against me, and I arched into him, desperate for more friction. He groaned into my mouth, his hands moving to my hips as he ground against me. I could feel the heat building inside me, my body responding to his touch with a fervency that left me dizzy.

Xavier broke the kiss, his breath coming in short gasps as he looked down at me. “Asa,” he whispered, his voice hoarse with desire. “My sweet Asa.”

His husky murmur of my name ignited a familiar spark within me, one I had convinced myself was long extinguished. Yet in this heated moment, I couldn’t deny the smoldering embers that still burned, forever kindled by the memory of our fervent embraces.

Xav kissed my neck, his teeth grazing my skin as he moved lower while his fingers traced the lines of my breast, his touch sending sparks of pleasure through me. I gasped when his mouth closed around my nipple, his tongue flicking over the sensitive bud. I could feel myself growing hotter, my core wetter, my body responding to his touch with an eagerness that left me trembling.

He moved to kiss my lips again, his hands lowering to my hips as he positioned himself above me. I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my eager entrance, and I arched into him, desperate for him to fill me.

Xavier slid into me slowly, and I groaned as he filled me completely. He paused for a moment, his breath coming in short gasps as he looked down at me.

I bit my lip. “Xav… Please… Start moving… Please… take me…” I begged him.

My plea seemed to awaken a primal urge in him. With a deep groan, he enveloped me in his strong arms, holding me close as if terrified I might slip away. He plunged deeply into me, over and over, each thrust a powerful stroke that sent shock waves through my entire being. An inferno of pleasure grew inside me, my flesh quivering and craving for more under his fervent touch. My breaths were coming in short gasps as I clung to him, loving every thrust he made deep inside me, hitting that spot that sent my mind reeling with pleasure.

His mouth seized mine in an impassioned kiss, his tongue tangling with mine, tasting and savoring, and I could feel myself nearing the edge, my body trembling with the effort of holding on. And then I came undone, shattering, writhing, and quivering in his arms as ecstasy overtook me. Xav climaxed, too, his warm essence flooding my core while our mouths remained locked in a fervent kiss.

When he finally released my lips, he whispered softly, “Asa. Oh, Asa, I’m so glad you’re home.”


Your books are a life line to me honestly. Keep up the good work 🥰

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Thank you so much. ❤️


I love you work

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Thank you so much. ❤️


Please put this book under Google play too as certain country can't buy thru kindle

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I will do. I will get that organized and will update everyone. Please stay tuned for update. It should be avaiable on Google Play and other plateforms within the next couple of days. 😊

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